Fellow Sponsorship
In January 2016, the Fitzroy Philanthropic Fund formed a partnership with Teach4HK, a nonprofit organization founded in 2013 with a mission to enlist outstanding university students to serve in schools with underprivileged students. The FPF made a financial commitment to support the monthly stipend and program management costs of two fellows for the 2016-17 academic year for Teach4HK. For the 2017-2018 academic year, the commitment was increased to support four fellows.
Volunteer Program: English Rockers
In addition to direct financial donations, we aim to invest some of our time to try to inspire the next generation in our communities. English Rockers is a program built in collaboration with Teach4HK, where groups of secondary school students, selected by the Fellows at Teach4HK, regularly visit the Rockhampton office to spend time with team members to practice their English, experience cultural exchange and capture a glimpse of the commercial world.
At the end of the academic year, the students and fellows who have joined the program gather for a celebration event, which includes team games and presentations by the students to parents, teachers and Rockhampton staff (photos). Students have shared their feedback on the sessions and the impact it has had on them in this presentation and video.
English Rockers has been featured in Teach4HK’s Impact Update.


Program Mentor Sponsorship
In July 2016, the Fitzroy Philanthropic Fund made a commitment to support Teach Unlimited Foundation (TUF), a nonprofit organization founded in 2011. TUF’s mission is to serve socially disadvantaged students by recruiting and training university graduates as Program Mentors and placing them in Partner Schools for two years, full-time, to provide mentorship and education support. The FPF has made a financial contribution towards TUF’s mentorship program for the academic year 2016-2017. The funding will be used to support the monthly compensation for Program Mentors as well as their training and development, and the program management costs.
Volunteer Program: English Explorer – Door to the World
In conjunction with TUF, the FPF created the English Explorers team building project, which involves a focused group of secondary school students from a TUF partner school meeting regularly with Rockhampton staff and working closely to explore a new country and culture together. Through their research and discussion students not only practice their English, but also widen their horizons and build their self-confidence and leadership skills (photos).
The goal of the project is to construct an app-based quiz game from their discoveries, and present this quiz back to the wider communities in their schools (video).
English Explorers has been featured in this TUF Impact Update.


Tutorial Sponsorship
In April 2017, the FPF collaborated with Kids’ Door, a registered nonprofit organization in Japan founded in 2007 to support children in Japan to grow in a fair and healthy environment, enabling them to have hope for a bright future. The FPF has committed to fund a dedicated tutorial program called Gachi Zemi. For the academic year 2017 – 2018 the program will assist 12 senior high school students from disadvantaged backgrounds to receive individual support from teaching volunteers to primarily prepare for their university entrance exams.


Santa Rockers: Christmas Donation Drive
During the year-end holiday season, the FPF organizes the Santa Rockers program. Rockhampton staff members are encouraged to participate in the festive season by sharing their good fortune with those less fortunate through a ‘Christmas Donation Drive’. Items including new and good condition toys, clothes, books and household essentials are collected and donated to Crossroads Foundation, that works with registered NGOs globally to coordinate the redistribution of the goods to individuals in need (photos).